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The Sexual Saga of JFK

I just read today that there's a new Jackie O called America's Queen: the Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Apparently, it contains sections about JFK's endless stream of affairs, or his absurd carelessness for wagging his dick at everything with a vagina rather. In this newest instalment of the 'JFK can't keep it in his pants', the late president's legacy seems to be completely shot to shit. I'll try to not let my idolisation of JFK be too much of a factor in my opinions. Although I still love him even despite claims that he's no more than a mindless, elitist orator who was actually politically conservative. 

A powerful man cheating is about as surprising as a girl dressing up as the slutty version of a household appliance at a club on Halloween. Not to say that what is common is acceptable. My point is - I just don't understand why people feel it necessary, 20 years after Jackie's death, to write historical biographies with content that belongs in OK!. I guess the response to that is that because they're public figures, should have expected to have their lives scrutinised under a magnifying. But the difference is is that they're not being judged about something that's even relevant. If Dr. Phil secretly sleeps with every audience member before they enter the studio then maybe yeah, okay, no one should listen to him and he should probably retire in Somalia. Also, why is their dysfunctional marriage even a surprise? They were two of the most influential people int he world, they were raised in the 1 percent (or maybe 0.01), and it was the 60s. 

What JFK, and Jackie for that matter, should be remembered in history for their contribution to politics, elegance, intelligence and class. Their personal life is naturally a topic of interest to the public but I just don't think that it has to be sensationalised decades later. 

Admittedly, I read Mimi Alford's book, which is about her affair with JFK when she was a White House intern. In it, she depicts losing her virginity in Jackie's bed and being with the president after he lost his son Patrick and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's these details that really get to me. These details must be really hurtful to his family and do these details really matter within the context of his presidency?

Being a bad husband doesn't make you a bad politician. It may make you a questionable person but what the rest of the world sees, especially in a professional sense, is always vastly different from how things actually are. Even for us mortals, about 30% of what we tell acquaintances are subconscious lies. When I tell people I'm just chilling at home, I'm probably actually sweating buckets trying to pluck every last moustache hair on my face. But no one knows that (until now I suppose) and no one needs to know that. You just feel like I over-shared, right? Yup. 

So this is understandably inflated for people who must portray play the 'look at us were the picturesque, balanced, and beautiful' American family. JFK may be a sex addict and or he may have been the victim of a dare; either way, he's obviously not perfect and neither was his life nor his relationships. People should not be so obsessed with exposing this fact even when it's already been beaten to the ground. But I suppose the intrigue surrounding the Kennedy's will never really die out.